Building a Hacker News Clone in AngularJS – Part 1


As part of the curriculum for the AngularJS portion of the Learn Verified Full Stack Web Developer Course, students build a Hacker News Clone. In this project, we use the Hacker News API to reconstruct the top stories page at Hacker News.

At this point, we’ve already completed nearly the entire course, which I’ve been working on part time for the past 8 months, so we’re pretty far in. Of the 600+ lessons I’ve completed, 110 of them are related to AngularJS. We’ve already covered a lot of the concepts that we’ll be tackling when building this project, but up until this point we’ve been working on them one small piece at a time. In the next few posts, I’ll be walking you through my progress through the project.

Getting Started with Angular UI Router

Video Tutorial

Hi everyone! I’ve been in Sweden for the last week or so, so I was a bit delayed in posting here, but it’s been great fun so far! I did a few lessons last week and really liked using the Angular UI Router. I’ve just begun learning about how it works, so I thought it would be nice to do a tutorial on it to solidify what I’ve learned. I ended up running into a couple of snags along the way. One of them was annoyingly simple–a missing script tag. The other one was actually a good illustration of the nested routes provided by Angular UI router and how they work when combining a parent and child state.

How to Record Both Ends of a Skype Call on Your Mac For Free — Step by Step Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Hi Everyone! I’m hoping to start recording a podcast in the coming months where I speak to people about their experience becoming a software developer in hopes that we can help you make the transition from your current career. We’ll be discussing early experiences with code and programming and how people got initially interested in software development and then the moment that they got hooked and started pursuing it seriously. So, I wanted to learn how to record Skype calls for free.