My First Experience with AngularJS and Rails 5


Hi Everyone! My name is Dakota Lee Martinez. Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on the Flatiron School’s Full Stack Web Developer course. I’ve just completed the final project, a full stack web application built with AngularJS and Rails. I’m super excited to share my experience building the app with you all over the next series of posts.

About My Project

For this project, I wanted to pick something I’m passionate about and something that I would actually use. I remember when I first was exposed to code snippets. When I watched a few of Jeffrey Way’s laracasts, I was hooked. If you’re not familiar with custom code snippets, the idea is that you can write a code template for accomplishing a certain task. You give your snippet a trigger phrase. When you type this phrase the phrase expands into your template.

If this were all it could do, it would still be really cool. But, there’s more!!! You can add variables to your template, allowing you to type in a value and have it appear in multiple places within the template. This kind of thing is very useful for variable or function names. Even better, you can cycle through these variables within the snippet by hitting the tab key. This allows you to avoid spending time and keystrokes referencing library specific syntax for a task you’ve already done a lot of times and skip right to adjusting the values that are specific to your particular application.