Snippet Manager with Dropbox API Integration

This Rails app was built as part of the Flatiron School’s Online Full Stack Web Developer course. For my final project, I wanted to build something that I would continue to use well after completing the course. The Dropbox integration has made this app super useful to me in documenting my learning and enhancing my workflow.


  • As a developer, I can create generic code snippets through the web interface and save them to my dropbox for use in my code editor of choice.
  • As a developer, I can try out another developer’s code snippet by adding it to my account and saving it to my dropbox.
  • As a developer, I can choose to remove another developer’s code snippet if I’d prefer not to use it.
  • As a developer, I can import my existing snippets into SnippetMachine from my dropbox, so I can get started right away.
  • As a developer, I can browse through all recently updated snippets and search for snippets matching relevant keywords.
  • As a developer, I can view a searchable list of all of the snippets I have added to my account.
  • As a developer, I can update snippets that I created through SnippetMachine

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